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Wesley Reyes
Wesley Reyes

Type3 CAA V5 Based V5.1 For CATIA V5R19-R22 X86 X64 Checked !LINK!

CATIA V5 helps you perform a 3D analysis of design alternatives and allows you to explore your design alternatives, offering the tools for the design process in a step-by-step graphical workflow.

Type3 CAA V5 Based v5.1 for CATIA V5R19-R22 x86 x64 checked

Download Zip:

CATIA V5 is the first major release of the SOLIDWORKS CAD family (SOLIDWORKS, CATIA and CUSTOMER) dedicated to the Design Function. It adds some new tools and extended functionalities in the same interface.

CATIA V5 defines a project in one Document. A project is composed of an assembly of interrelated and synchronized Document Parts. The Document Parts are broken down into logical groups and analyzed visually to be easy to understand and modify. Each Document Part is identified by a header and detailed information about the content of the Document Part.

According to the results of the experimental verification of the feasibility of the printing and fixture of the printed individual 3D navigation templates, the obtained results are that the experimental printed individual 3D navigation templates meet the requirements and are simple and easy to use. It is a feasible method to improve the accuracy of the screws based on the CAD and printed navigation template, and it can be used to ensure that the screws are fixed in an accurate way. This method has the advantages of being quickly and easily made, being low in cost, having high safety, avoiding the need for professional operator and being able to reduce the technical thresholds for the screw holes of the spinal vertebrae.

To investigate the changes in the estimated size of the products (based on BOM), we found that the risk, in terms of the RMSE, of the change in the product size was 2.6x to 4.0x. Therefore, there will not be any major change in the quantity of the product.


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