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Hitman Sniper APK - Stealth, Creativity, and Competition in One Game

Hitman Sniper APK Normal: A Review

If you are a fan of the Hitman series, you might have heard of Hitman Sniper, a mobile game that lets you play as Agent 47, the world's most notorious assassin. But what is hitman sniper apk normal? And why is it one of the best sniper games on mobile? In this article, we will answer these questions and more. We will also give you some tips and tricks on how to master this game and become a legendary sniper.

What is hitman sniper apk normal?

Hitman sniper apk normal is the name of the file that you need to download and install on your Android device to play Hitman Sniper. APK stands for Android Package Kit, which is a format that contains all the necessary data and code for an app or game to run on Android. Normal means that it is the original version of the game, without any modifications or hacks.

hitman sniper apk normal

Hitman Sniper is a mobile game developed by Square Enix Montreal and published by Square Enix in 2015. It is based on the Hitman franchise, which is a series of stealth action games that follow the adventures of Agent 47, a genetically enhanced clone who works as a contract killer for a mysterious organization called the ICA.

Hitman Sniper is a competitive sniping game that challenges you to complete scenario-driven contracts that contain a number of targets and assignments. You have to use your skill and strategy to eliminate your targets with stealth and creativity, while avoiding detection and alerting other enemies. You can also compete with other players online and compare your scores and rankings.

Main features of hitman sniper apk normal

Gameplay and objectives

The gameplay of Hitman Sniper is simple but addictive. You look through a first-person sniper scope vision on your touchscreen device and aim at your targets. You can zoom in and out, adjust your aim, and fire. You can also swipe the screen to reload your weapon or activate special abilities.

The game has over 150 missions that span across three different maps: Montenegro, Death Valley, and Hantu Port. Each map has its own theme, setting, time of day, and weather conditions. Each mission has its own objectives, such as killing a specific target, causing an accident, triggering an explosion, or completing a challenge. Some missions also have secondary objectives that give you extra points or rewards.

The game rewards you for your performance based on several factors, such as accuracy, headshots, body shots, collateral damage, environmental kills, creative kills, stealth kills, speed kills, chain kills, etc. You also get bonus points for completing objectives or using special abilities. The game also penalizes you for missing shots, killing civilians, alerting guards, or failing objectives.

Graphics and sound effects

Hitman Sniper is one of the most visually stunning mobile games ever made. The game has realistic and detailed graphics that create a immersive atmosphere. The game also has dynamic lighting and shadows, weather effects, reflections, smoke, fire, blood splatter, bullet holes, etc. The game runs smoothly on most devices without any lag or glitches.

The game also has excellent sound effects that enhance the gameplay experience. The game has authentic gun sounds, ambient noises, voice acting, music, etc. The game also has realistic sound effects for explosions, glass breaking, car alarms, fans blowing, etc. The game also has a catchy main theme song that plays in the menu screen.

Weapons and abilities

The game has over 20 different rifles that you can unlock and use in your missions. Each rifle has its own stats and ratings for fire rate, stability, Maps and scenarios

The game has three different maps that offer different scenarios and challenges for the player. The first map is Montenegro, which is a mountainous region with a luxurious mansion and a pool party. The second map is Death Valley, which is a desert area with a zombie outbreak and a survival mode. The third map is Hantu Port, which is a dockyard with a smuggling operation and a ghost mode.

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Each map has its own unique features and elements that affect the gameplay. For example, Montenegro has glass windows that can be broken, pool water that can hide bodies, fans that can blow away evidence, etc. Death Valley has explosive barrels, electric fences, sandstorms, etc. Hantu Port has shipping containers, cranes, boats, etc.

Each map also has its own set of targets and assignments that vary depending on the difficulty level and the mode. For example, Montenegro has Marcus Krug, a corrupt businessman; Death Valley has Jasper Knight, a rogue scientist; Hantu Port has Reza Zaydan, a terrorist leader. Each target has its own personality, behavior, and routine that the player has to observe and exploit.

Tips and tricks for hitman sniper apk normal

How to choose the right gun for the job

The game has over 20 different rifles that you can unlock and use in your missions. Each rifle has its own stats and ratings for fire rate, stability, clip size, and maximum zoom. Additionally, they have differing passive and active abilities that can be pertinent to the mission at hand. For example, some rifles can pierce through glass or walls, some rifles can slow down time or mark targets, some rifles can cause explosions or electrocutions, etc.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right gun for the job based on the map, the objectives, and the preferences of the player. For example, if you need to kill multiple targets in quick succession, you might want to use a rifle with a high fire rate and clip size. If you need to kill targets from a long distance or through obstacles, you might want to use a rifle with a high zoom and piercing ability. If you need to create diversions or accidents, you might want to use a rifle with an explosive or electric ability.

You can also upgrade your rifles by spending money or tokens that you earn from completing missions or challenges. You can improve the stats and abilities of your rifles by buying new parts or skins. You can also customize your rifles by changing their colors or adding stickers.

How to use the environment to your advantage

One of the key aspects of Hitman Sniper is to use the environment to your advantage. The game has many environmental objects and elements that you can interact with by shooting them. You can use these objects and elements to create diversions, accidents, explosions, or other effects that can help you complete your objectives.

For example, you can shoot glass windows to break them and make noise or expose targets. You can shoot pool water to hide bodies or electrocute targets. You can shoot fans to blow away evidence or distract guards. You can shoot explosive barrels to cause explosions or fire. You can shoot electric fences to shock targets or disable security systems. You can shoot cranes to drop containers or boats on targets.

You can also use these objects and elements to create creative kills that give you bonus points or rewards. For example, you can shoot a car alarm to lure a target near it and then shoot the gas tank to make it explode. You can shoot a chandelier to make it fall on a target's head. You can shoot a speaker to make it play music and then shoot it again to make it explode.

How to avoid alerting the guards and witnesses

Another key aspect of Hitman Sniper is to avoid alerting the guards and witnesses. The game has many guards and civilians that patrol or roam around the maps. They have different levels of awareness and reaction depending on their state. They can be curious, suspicious, alerted, or panicked.

If you alert the guards or witnesses, they will raise the alarm and make your mission harder or fail. They will also reduce your score and rating. Therefore, you have to be careful when you shoot your targets or interact with the environment.

You have to consider several factors when you plan your shots or actions. For example, you have to consider the sound of your shots or explosions, the visibility of your shots or effects, the location of your targets or objects, the movement of your targets or objects, etc.

You have to use your skill and strategy to avoid alerting the guards or witnesses. For example, you have to time your shots or actions when t


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