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Wesley Reyes

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As soon as the chamber had been cleared a pre prepared plan had moved into action, no time could be wasted. A priority astropathic message was forwarded from Inquisitor Rex to the moon of Saturn, Titan, where the Grey Knight's fortress-monastery awaited just such calls for aid. From here a fast cruiser, loaded with the best warriors the Imperium could tram and equip for such soul-testing combat would be dispatched, along with orders to place themselves at the service of the Inquisitor Lord Chosen to lead the elite strike force was Brother Captain Stem.

Battlefield 2142 Titan Lite 2 Crack Free Download

As the Krieg forces closed in on the breach, a fatal artillery barrage crashed into their heavy cavalry. It was followed by a line of Obliterators that had appeared from nowhere. To Zhyr's amazement two Titan-cannons appeared, firing heavy shells. The cannons were rifled and their shells hurtled through the air with a great, whooshing sound. Zhyr's was the only horse under fire, but it died screaming. Its rider slumped in his saddle. Zhyr grabbed the saddle pommel and was dragged to the ground. The hoofprint of a Titan's sole remaining foot crushed him. The Krieg artillery fire was raining down on the Titans. It was unheard of for the enemy to use this tactic but the Kalnya Codex told of it. Nalr's Tranesti scholars said it had come from the Scrolls of the Ancients, lost many centuries ago. Zhyr's dying body made a small mound, shielding the wounded Commissar.

More Obliterators arrived and the Krieg artillery batteries were being brought into play. Soon the sky was filled with detonating shells. They fell in patterns that revealed where the Obliterator teams were. The battle ground on. Everyone was firing everything at the enemy. Soon the Titans would be destroyed. The artillery and Nalr's men that waited on the right would win. Nalr's vision changed slightly, the Commissars telling him there were more Obliterators on the left flank. He called a retreat. The last Communications Officer flew off, now wounded. Soon the remaining Legio Ravana Knights rode back to the safety of their vehicles. The retreat turned into a wild, charging cavalry charge, the last of the Chaos Titans. As the armoured deep draught neared, Zhyr's loyal pilots drove in with their night-vision goggles. The Chimera and Broadside Tankers fired their main guns, blasting away a hole in the monster's chest and allowing Zhyr to mount his horse and join the fight. With the enemy infantry on their heels, they surged across a field of soft earth, racing away from the Titans, sweeping the enemy into an entire field. The battle was won. The breach was theirs. Victory was theirs.


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