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Aaron Scott

Drivers KWP2000 Plus: A Powerful Device for ECU Tuning on Windows 7

most modern vehicles are equipped with an "obdii connector", which is a female connector located under the steering wheel or dashboard. this connector is used to communicate data from the vehicle to a computer, diagnostic or monitoring tool (or service technician).

drivers kwp2000 plus windows 7

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by opening a port connection on your vehicles obdii connector, a diagnostic device can communicate with it over the vehicles obdii port. these devices include a computer and modem interface that can be connected to a usb port on a vehicle and communicate information about engine or condition problems. this information includes temperature, idle speed, engine light status and other conditions.

since all but the most basic vehicles are now equipped with the obdii ports, it is now possible to open the port for the connector on a car's dashboard or steering wheel to see the data displayed on the vehicle's computer diagnostic display. using a diagnostic device, you can view and record the data, as well as respond to the information provided by the vehicle's computer.

obdii or obd-ii is a standardized electronic instrument bus that allows information from sensors within a vehicle's internal computer (or electronic control unit or ecu) to be interpreted as computer code by an on-board reader (sometimes referred to as obd-ii reader). in this way, the engine and other components of a vehicle can be read and monitored through an obdii port, leading to various forms of vehicle diagnosis and tuning.

the obd-ii communication protocol was designed and implemented by the sae international (society of automotive engineers) in the mid 1980s. the original obd-ii communication protocol uses can (controller area network) and the communication interface is implemented through a single pin located at the far left in the center of a vehicle's steering wheel hub/binnacle connector. generally these diagnostic tools now support all sensors and obd-ii ports the oem offers today and also different future hardware yet to be released. most obd-ii diagnostic tools can be configured using a vin (vehicle identification number) or an obd-ii compatible to the vehicle.


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