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[S3E4] What's Better Than Heat Fire!!!

Upon entering the Titan's Throat, the Commander discovered some sort of blockade on the floor. Taimi arrived inside Scruffy 2.0, heat-protected but weaponless. However, she provided a scanner that could find weaknesses in various items. Scanning the seal revealed it was built recently, and Taimi upgraded the scanner to reveal energy that could be used to break through the blockade. The Commander descended into the caldera, breaking through two more blockades and avoiding the army of the upgraded destroyers launching fireballs at the airborne Commander. While removing a third barrier, all the destroyers in the area were instantly destroyed, signalling that Taimi's device had been activated. The Commander found a sea of lava at the bottom, with Balthazar floating above Taimi's device on a platform, launching blue energy from Jormag at the massive form of Primordus, while also draining its energy to fire back. The Commander tried to taunt Balthazar out for a direct fight, but instead he summoned Temar and Tegon, flaming hounds to fight in his stead. Balthazar's growing energies empowered the hounds, and energy from Taimi's device had to be extracted to keep both of them down for good.

[S3E4] What's Better Than Heat Fire!!!

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The Wild Hearts Hand Cannon weapon is a challenging one, whose massive damage output is hampered by complex mechanics, ammo and overheating. It's not our favourite weapon in Wild Hearts, but the Hand Cannon can be powerful, and can be even better when used as part of a team effort with other hunters. For those who want to bring a gun to a monster fight, we'll walk you through the Wild Hearts Hand Cannon as a weapon and how you can best make use of it.

The Wild Hearts Hand Cannon fires two kinds of projectiles: regular shots, which do pretty high damage to enemies, and deployable Ki Bases, which are special zones that restore your ammo when you stand in them (you can't get ammo back otherwise). Players have to use the Ki Bases to keep firing, but obviously standing in one place isn't always safe when giant monsters keep trying to step on you. You also need to keep the cannon's heat down - if it overheats, you'll be briefly staggered, and the cannon will do vastly reduced damage until it cools down again.

Then there's overheating. The new gauge above your ammo marks the Cannon's heat, which rises as you keep firing and cools down when you stop. Overheating is fine until you max it out - at which point your character will be briefly staggered, and the Cannon will fire much weaker shots more slowly until it cools off completely. Basically, you never want it to overheat if you can avoid it.Finally, there's Fortified Ki Bases and the Fortified Shot, which Wild Hearts is bad at explaining, but is what allows you to do the most powerful attack the Cannon has. I'll explain the process here:

Being a dragon, Drogon has an immense physical strength and can spit destructive streams of fire. He can also fly extremely high and at great speeds, more than any other animal. It is implied that physically, he is the strongest of the three dragons. During the Battle of King's Landing, Drogon's fire was shown to be strong enough to demolish the city buildings, including the Red Keep, and blasts the city gates.

Ronon, now walking through underground tunnels, is being followed by a Wraith tracking drone. He finds a Satedan corpse and takes his armour and weapons, before finding an armoury to stock up on ammunition. He is being followed by another Wraith. Ronon manages to hide from the ceiling. When the Wraith looks up, he sees a ready Ronon shooting him with a pistol. After he notices the drone, he approaches and tells the Wraith Leader, who is watching the hunt, that he has to do better than that. He later walks away, while throwing a live grenade behind him, which destroys the drone.

While Sozin had eroded some of his political support from the nobility by his actions with the Fire & Air Center of Learning, he attempted to win back popularity by announcing the beginnings of the Dragon Hunts, also wanting to appear more fearsome than his father. Only a few dragons were killed at first, but the nobility embraced the sport voraciously. Whoever slew a dragon gained the honorary title of "Dragon" from the crown, bringing them prestige and a victory over their competitors, and it was also believed that such an act would increase one's firebending abilities a thousand-fold. The hunts led to ethical debates between these nobles and spiritual leaders, such as the Fire Sages, who were worried about killing the sacred animals. The imbalance caused by killing ancient creatures led to spirits being drawn to areas where dragons were killed, and strange occurances in these places, but Sozin formed an elite taskforce to deal with them and keep them under wraps from the general population. While an envoy from the Water Tribes sensed the spiritual disturbance and visited the death sites in the Fire Nation, Sozin reacted by spinning a propaganda campaign to blame any spiritual disturbances on the presence of the people of the Water Tribe.[44][52] The Sun Warrior civilization would go into complete isolation during this period, with the Fire Nation and the rest of the world believing them to be extinct.[56]

The defining characteristic of Fire Nation cuisine is its spicy nature,[128] and Fire Nation citizens are known to put spices into many of their delicacies and treats. As chili is an important food that may help firebenders bring out their bending talents, nurturing the special Fire Nation chili plants is a revered practice.[128] The diet of its citizens consists of noodles, meat, fish, rice, cabbage, tea and lychee nuts. The people are also known for having a taste for foods of a spicier fare, as they enjoy flaming fire flakes, fire gummies, sizzle-crisps, and fire cakes. As the Fire Nation is a hilly island country, pasture is more common than farmland, thus most Fire Nation dishes are rich in meat, while there are very few vegetarian meals. Tea is generally popular,[111] as there is even a "National Tea Appreciation Day". The tea most commonly drunk in the Fire Nation is spiced tea.

The traveling "Fire Days Festival", alternatively called simply the "fire festival",[130] was a Fire Nation-sponsored event that brought Fire Nation culture to its citizens forced to live away from their homeland. This event traveled to Fire Nation occupied areas of the Earth Kingdom, staying for a few weeks at a time at each location. A variety of Fire Nation people attended the festival, from soldiers on leave, to civilians living in occupied territory.[131] Its participants wore stylized hand-carved wooden masks similar to that of Kabuki theater masks, and merchants vended a wide variety of trinkets and local snacks. The festival's attractions included puppet shows, fireworks, firebending jugglers and magicians, and overall displays of individual or group bending prowess. As illustrated in its cultural festivals, the Fire Nation employed propaganda to indoctrinate a sense of nationalism and loyalty to the Fire Lord, cult of personality, in its citizens from the earliest age possible; a popular attraction cast Ozai as a hero in a children's puppet show.[132]

Trevor is a seasoned chef with more than 20 years of experience. He is a BBQ pro who loves heat and meat, and whose specialty is Texas-style with hints of Latin American flavours. After losing his restaurant during the pandemic, Trevor is eager to get his business back up and running again.

Snart later met with the arms dealer Basil Nurblin. Nurblin first offered Snart a fire-based weapon, but he refused, saying "he did not need to heat things up, but slow them down." Next, Snart looked at a weapon stolen from the S.T.A.R. Labs that emitted a cold substance and glasses meant to protect against the glare the weapon caused. Snart asked Nurblin who else knew he had taken the weapon, and when Nurblin answered they were the only two, Snart shot and killed him with his newly acquired weapon.

Returning to his base, Snart told his two remaining men that they would be back to the museum to steal the diamond that night. When his men protested, saying the museum would be crawling with the police and the Flash, Snart answered that his cold gun could stop the Flash and he knew the Flash's real weakness. His men mutinied and pulled a gun to his head. They left, saying that Central City was no longer Snart's playground now that the Flash was there. Disagreeing, Snart went to the museum by himself and broke in using the cold gun. He stole the diamond and made his way to the Central City Train Station, where he was engaged in a gunfight with Detectives West and Eddie Thawne. Snart escaped the two men by getting on a train, but this time he was challenged by the Flash, who had followed him using a signal the cold gun emitted. He told the Flash that he had seen his real weakness during the armored car robbery and at the theater. Explaining that he would save himself while the Flash saved everyone else, he shot the floor of the train with the cold gun and jumped from the train before it was derailed. The Flash got everyone out of the train but was ambushed by Snart, who shot him in the back with the cold gun. He thanked the Flash for forcing him to up his game, then was threatened by Cisco Ramon with what he claimed was a prototype of the cold gun but was actually just a vacuum cleaner with LED lights. When Ramon called him Captain Cold, he smiled and left, taking the diamond with him.

Once in the plane, TK gets the aisle seat because he tells Gwyn he feels sick. Once sitting, TK tells Gwyn that she should've let him take something before the flight, she replies that it's the chemicals talking. While he's suffering from withdrawal, Gwyn hold TK's arm and sings him a song in Hebrew to calm him down. TK tells her he won't be able to make it to California, asking her if she couldn't find anything upstate. An attendant comes to see them and asks TK to fasten his seatbelt but Gwyn has to help him because his hands shake too much. When Gwyn is asleep, TK stands up and picks three mini bottle of vodka before locking himself in the bathroom of the plane. The flight experiences turbulence and the bottles of vodka fell out of the counter in the toilet and after TK is interrupted by an attendant, he picks them up and drinks two bottles of vodka before going back to his seat, waking up Gwyn in the process where she notices he's taking some gums. She asks him where did he go and he replies that he went to the bathroom, then she asks him what's the gum for and he lies, saying that he threw up. TK asks her why she's asking so many questions and she tells him she's just giving him an opportunity to tell the truth. TK replies that he is telling the truth. So she asks him why is he isn't shaking anymore and he replies that he already told her it passes sometimes. She asks him again what he was doing in the bathroom, if he brought drugs on the plane and he replies that he didn't and that she almost did a full body search, looking for drugs. Gwyn replies that maybe she should have and TK retorts that she should mind her own business. Gwyn tells him that he is her business and he always will be. TK asks her what she thinks is going to happen in California, that he won't find out where to buy drugs in less than ten minutes and that she can't save him. Gwyn replies that she knows but she'll try anyway because she can't bear the thought of going to her son's funeral. As they're about to land in Los Angeles, TK gently puts his hand over Gwyn's and hold it. 041b061a72


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