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Disconnected Digital Playground !!BETTER!!

The efforts of the FCC and ISPs during this crisis ought to be commended, but their quick response also begs the question: Was broadband access not essential before COVID-19? Long before the coronavirus drew national attention to the issue, digital inclusion advocates were stressing the disparate outcomes for students without internet.

disconnected digital playground


Kayden Kross is missing something in her life. Her disconnected boyfriend Erik Everhard has never satisfied her needs. It's only when her promiscuous girlfriends pass on the secret of their pleasure, does Kayden find what she is looking for an exclusive agency of men. Manuel Ferrara, James Deen, and Steve Holmes specialize in the art of sex and bringing women to explosive endings. Katsuni, Penny Brooks and Kagney Linn Karter are the women who use the studs to quench their whorish desires.

Some time ago, I wrote that Bill Ritter is one Democrat who could make me vote for a Republican. But the Republicans nominated Bob Beauprez, who seems to be quite disconnected from the Colorado that you and I live in.

Yet, once we possess this information on their lives, we are no happier. Why? We are more cognitively informed yet emotionally disconnected. We find ourselves just as physically isolated as before we received the information, and once again with only a screen to keep us company.

Pick a situation and ask yourself if you are being reasonable in your use of technology. If you are gaming for a few hours after dinner on your tablet or desktop, could you limit your participation to an hour and use the rest of your time to either talk with some of your family members or read a (non-digital) book to give your eyes a rest and help you relax before going to bed?


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