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Wesley Reyes
Wesley Reyes

RealGuitar 4 (Full HOT! Crack)

JB: Physical: losing all movement makes things challenging; luckily, I am set up now, but things constantly need changing, adjusting, rearranging, and that can get somewhat tiresome. It's difficult to get out much so I miss a lot of things. My eyes get tired at times, and that makes it hard to communicate since I spell with my eyes. I really miss being able to hug my girlfriends, friends and family, pet and play with my animals. I miss being able to crack a quick joke at the perfect time, run around, play basketball, football, drive, eat, and most of all, play guitar and compose music by myself if I want. I miss really being alone and having privacy.

RealGuitar 4 (Full Crack)


This is a song that I had pretty much complete late last year, including lyrics and vocal. I wasn't happy with either so I asked Marty (on the forum here as BabuMusic) if he would like to take a crack at it, and this is the result. I think the chorus is mostly from my original write, the rest is all Marty.


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