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Reconnecting [v0.4] [EXCLUSIVE]

Typically, with a Spokes server, an operator wants their tunnels (clients) to attempt reconnecting forever. The values you pass to the --reconnect-attempts and --reconnect-wait will be saved the confguration file.

Reconnecting [v0.4]

outlining its proposed approach to scenario analysis to support application of the TNFD framework, as part of v0.3 of the TNFD beta framework. The TNFD has received feedback from market participants on this proposed approach through its open innovation process which has informed the development of this draft guidance. A set of initial pilot tests of the proposed approach has also been undertaken, focusing initially on use by corporates to improve decision-making, with a separate set of pilot tests with asset owners to begin to explore the approach when used by financial institutions. The TNFD has drawn on feedback and insights from these pilot tests to develop this draft scenario guidance for v0.4 of the beta framework.

...reconnecting is now baked into mongoose and enabled by default. But it might be useful to know that Mongoose by default will only try reconnecting for 30s and then give up. Set the server.reconnectTries option to increase the number of times mongoose will try to reconnect. For example, you can tell mongoose to never stop trying to reconnect like this:

Make sure mongoose is also the only way you're connecting to Mongo.In my case, I am using connect-mongo to store sessions in Express, but it does not have auto_reconnect set to true by default, as of v0.4.0.

nextRetryDelayInMilliseconds takes a single argument with the type RetryContext. The RetryContext has three properties: previousRetryCount, elapsedMilliseconds and retryReason which are a number, a number and an Error respectively. Before the first reconnect attempt, both previousRetryCount and elapsedMilliseconds will be zero, and the retryReason will be the Error that caused the connection to be lost. After each failed retry attempt, previousRetryCount will be incremented by one, elapsedMilliseconds will be updated to reflect the amount of time spent reconnecting so far in milliseconds, and the retryReason will be the Error that caused the last reconnect attempt to fail.

Before starting any reconnect attempts, the HubConnection will transition to the HubConnectionState.Reconnecting state and fire its onreconnecting callbacks instead of transitioning to the Disconnected state and triggering its onclose callbacks like a HubConnection without automatic reconnect configured. This provides an opportunity to warn users that the connection has been lost and to disable UI elements. 041b061a72


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