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About Us

   OneGoldFamily is an online store established in Nevada, USA, in 2020. Since day one, we have been very passionate about quality and client service, alongside the care and protection of our Planet. Our jewelry is handcrafted in solid gold,  100% Hypoallergenic, Nickel-Free, making them unlikely to cause an allergy!

We make our products with longevity in mind, using recycled/eco-friendly materials in our products and packaging.

We are lovers of minimalist jewelry, and we want to offer everyone the chance to obtain a beautiful last-forever piece of jewelry at an affordable price.

Being an online small business family allows us to offer luxury quality products at a fraction of the price of traditional luxury brands, yes, without the crazy markups.

We all deserve fair prices and the joy of the finer things in life.


Our Story

   Our Story started that day when we decided to be part of the online market and differentiate between the throwaway fast fashion and the unreachable luxury brands. Following a passion for good quality jewelry, we started reaching for jewelry artisans and continued to create designs. 

Today, we work with excellent jewelers worldwide who use high-quality and enduring materials, working with ethically sourced, recycled, and responsibly mined gold.

We all work hard, and our efforts should be worth it, so no more the ‘replacement tendency’ or the fear of losing that expensive piece of jewelry every time we want to wear it. We are here proudly to offer you quality products that you can carry your entire life and even pass through generations at a fair price.



   We come from humble families with exceptional values ​​in life. And that is what we want to transmit to our customers, honesty, simplicity, humility, love, offering products of exceptional quality. We put substantial emphasis on transparency in our work, and we are committed to protecting our Planet and controlling our environmental footprint throughout our process. 

   Make things that you can carry your entire life proudly and even pass through generations is the mission we have.

   Thank you for giving us a chance. 




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