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Compasses have obtained many symbolic and spiritual meanings over the years with their integration into different cultures and societies. The meaning behind our beautiful OneGoldFamily Compass Necklace collects so many of all of these spiritual meanings.

The OneGoldFamily Compass pendant has the compass rose with the cardinal points and the moissanite diamonds symbolizing the stars. Handcrafted in 10k solid gold.

The necklace stands for those who love to travel, as the meaning of the word ‘compass’ which comes from two Latin words that combined mean ‘travel together’. The compass pendant is a charm of luck and independence, protecting you from getting lost and guiding you to find the right path on your own.


To who gift an OneGoldFamily compass necklace?!

  • To a Life Partner, to suggest they are the compass that guides your life and that they will always find a way to you.
  • To a loved one who is traveling or moving overseas as a symbol of safety, protection, and luck in their coming future.
  • To travel lovers (or yourself), to always find the right direction to the next destination and the way to come back home at the end.



We are committed to providing excellent value to our customers at all times. That's why we offer just solid gold jewelry with a quality you can trust at a fair price. Being a small business allows us not to put crazy markups on our products, offering you a fraction of the price of similar products sold by traditional jewelry retailers.

OneGoldFamily Compass Necklace

    • Metal: 10K Solid Gold (chain and pendant)
    • Metal Color: Yellow
    • Stone: Moissanite (0.9mm-1.2mm)
    • Pendant: Thickness 1.2mm --- Diameter 17.5mm
    • Cable chain: width 1mm ---  length 20'(50cm)
    • Hypoallergenic/Nickel Free
    • 10K Stamp on the Jewelry 
    • 100% eco-friendly packaging with a delicate and natural gift wrap.
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